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Dear Friends,

Love Rio was created to celebrate the beach life and passionate culture of Rio de Janeiro. More than a place, Rio is an attitude, an energy, a way of life. 


Living there teaches you to embrace who you are as unique and beautiful and to live a life you love.

Confident. Sexy. Free. That's the Rio attitude.

When the creator of Love Rio Beachwear moved back to the US, she brought that Rio attitude with her. And that attitude is no stronger than when she steps into a favorite Brazilian bikini. It's as if she's back on those Rio beaches. 

We may not be able to bring you to Rio de Janeiro, but we can bring a little piece (or two) of Rio de Janeiro to you. So put on our latest hot fashions, along with that confident, sexy, free attitude. We bring these to you with a kiss, or beijo, in Portuguese.


In Brazil, a kiss is a part of everyday life and symbolizes the warmth and passion of the culture. That is why it's part of our logo. "Hello", "Good-bye", "Dance With me", can all be said with a kiss. It's how you're welcomed at any festivity. The Rio attitude makes everyday life a party - and you're invited. So join us and discover why #WeLoveRio. 

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