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Beautifully designed with a flattering fit, Love Rio Beachwear brings you the hottest new authentic beachwear from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Each piece is created with what the Brazilian culture is known for - love, vibrant colors, creativity, and sensuality. We hope you enjoy your purchase of a Love Rio bikini!

How It All Began

I am an avid beach volleyball player on the beaches of southern California, and I am passionate about bikinis! I started traveling to Rio de Janeiro about 10 years ago to play beach volleyball, study the Portuguese language and learn how to samba. I fell in love with the magic and passion of Rio de Janeiro, the warmth of it's people and the beautiful lines and colors of the Brazilian bikinis worn on the beaches there. But most of all, I fell in love with how amazing wearing a Brazilian bikini made me feel. I wanted to bring back that same magnificent feeling to all of you, and hence, Love Rio, was born. I created the Love Rio brand with one mission in mind, to make you feel

Confident, Sexy, and Free.

So go yourself and your femininity in a Love Rio bikini!




DJ Valentine

Creator, Love Rio Beachwear


Me with the Ipanema Beach lifeguards (guardas da vida)

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